Trip to Cinque Terra

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Our longest ride took us from Lucca to Florence, the Art center of Italy .Both our hotels were close to the Duomo, which is right in the center of the city. The views are spectacular and people are everywhere. The city is bustling

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From Pisa we had a short ride to Lucca on some nice back roads. After we came to town, we first rode a lap or two on the wall which surrounds the old city and is close to 3 miles long. It’s used by lots of walkers, runners and bicyclists. We stayed at La Gemma di Elena, a very nice bed and breakfast. Innkeeper Juan was very friendly and accommodating. Lucca is very nice and has lots of shopping and dining. On our September trip we had the luxury to go to a fabulous Puccini concert.

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Our Tuscany trip started in Pisa. Since we could not fly into Pisa with our bicycle we ended up renting bicycles from the Tuscany Bicycle Co in Gaiola. We had a mixture of Pinarello and  Bianchi bicycles. After we set up up the bicycles our first order of business was to go see the leaning tower of Pisa.

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Rachel and I had the opportunity to take the train out of Florence to Pompei. We had to leave early and were lucky to get a fast train that traveled up to 200 mph to Napoli. From there we had to take a special train to Pompei  that was very crowded and took a lot of stops. At one point even a little band got on for a few stops. After we got there we had a quick lunch, before our tour started. Our guide was very good and knowledgeable.

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The Colosseum


We had 2 wonderful trips to Tuscany in the summer of 2019. I will start with some pictures  of the Colosseum in Rome which is so impressive in the way it was built 2000 years ago and that it still standing !

IMG_1708  IMG_1706  IMG_1697  IMG_1709

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2019 bicycle trip to Tuscany

We have a trip scheduled to Tuscany, Italy from Wednesday September 4th through the 15th. The plan is to fly from Newark to Pisa to start the trip. And we picked most of the top 10 places to visit in Tuscany. From Pisa we go to Lucca; Florence (we will be here for 3 nights, a day to soak it all in and a day to catch a train to Rome, a must see city for anyone traveling to Italy): Radda in Chianti; Siena; San Gimignano; Livorno and back to Pisa. It will be a mixture of short rides of 20-30 miles with a few longer ones around 50 miles. The land cost of $1750 p/p includes shuttle service from the shop to the airport and back, all your hotels with breakfast and transportation of your luggage between hotels.

P1020569 P1020654

P1020084  Tuscany 3

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Our trip home

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A day in Amsterdam

We all did our own thing today. Some were busy visiting museums, like the Van Gogh , the Rijks museum and the Anne Frank house. Some chose to take a canal cruise to learn more about the city’s history and architecture. Amsterdam is a bustling city that attracts 300,000 visitors each weekend.

IMG_9321.JPG Mail IMG_9331 IMG_9335 IMG_1327 a cold Heineken IMG_9348

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Deflt to Schiphol airport

In the morning part of our group visited the Porcelijne Fles to see the making of the Delft blue pottery and to make some purchases.Later we set of on our last day of cycling back to our hotel by the airport.

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