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Today was a “rest Day” for most, but Thorr, Helmut, and Scott decided that a day without cycling would not do.  They had mountains in every direction we looked to ride up. The other riders spent the day roaming the city which is a Shopping Mecca for many French and Spanish people, since this Principality has no taxes.  The diesel fuel for the car was 15 euro cents per liter than in Spain, so it was fill up time!  We had a DELICIOUS dinner at Don Denis with champagne on the house!


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One Response to Andorra

  1. Susan Rosand says:

    Hello Everyone,
    Enjoyed the pictures of Andorra. Didn’t see any of the Wheelman’s names on the road?? I agree with Penny, it was easy to spot Bob with the camera on his helmet. You all seem to be enjoying the beer and food. Say hello to Cheryl. Stay safe and hope you rode out of the rain showers. All is well on this end.
    Have fun,

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