We have arrived

Sunday: We had a great trip to Geneva. The flights were good and almost on time. Packing the 15 bike boxes into the bus and checking them in was the biggest part. We arrived at the hotel around noon, put the bikes together and checked into the rooms. There are double rooms and one triple.
Since it was still really early several of us went on a short ride to the lake. The bike paths are nice, but not relaxing. You constantly have to watch for cars parked alongside, people walking, or bikes coming the other way,… Glen had the first flat.
For dinner we took the train downtown. We split into several groups. I ended up eating in a restaurant on the lake. They had the most expensive burgers I have seen (28sfr), I had a good salad for only 23 suisse francs. On this first day we needed Suisse francs, after that it will be all Euros. On the way back we had some good Movenpick ice cream. The light in the room only works when you put your card into a box at the door. It took us a while to figure that out.
Monday: After a pretty good night in our 3-bed room (a two person room with an additional bed, that took up all of the remaining floor space), we had a great breakfast with lots of coffee, cereal, cheese, rolls, croissants, juice,… It is beautiful weather and we are all excited and nervous about the first day riding.

Cheryl_004   Cheryl_005

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2 Responses to We have arrived

  1. Jamie says:

    Glen gets the first flat,, that figures he was the only one to get a flat on the CC50.. Hope all are healthy and ready for some great climbs.. Keep us here at Bloomsburg jeaolus with your updates..

  2. Brad & Silvia Poynter says:

    Glad to see all have arrived safely. Look forward to hearing about upcoming rides. Hey, how come Rowdy and Kendra didn’t wear group t-shirts for the trip?

    Take care. From lovely Jacksonville, NC,

    Brad and Silvia

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