Gap to Briancon; back into the heart of the Alps

On Sunday, August 15th we left Gap under cloudy skies for a 70 mile ride to Briancon.  The route gave us the most spectacular scenery we’ve seen so far.  To make things interesting we first ran into a large Ironman triathlon in Embrun which had us scrambling for a detour until a policeman told us to go back the way we came.  Once we arrived at the foot of the Col d’Izoard the weather was very nice so we shed our extra clothes for the climb not realizing a storm was brewing.  By the time we got close to the top the temperature was down to the low thirties and wet snow was falling.  Needless to say we pulled out all the clothes we had and put them back on!  The ride down the mountain was very shivering and a hot shower has never felt better!

BobM_IMG_1560   food attack at the car

Cheryl_368   Cheryl_371

Cheryl_379   Cheryl_387

Cheryl_392   Cheryl_395

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  1. Penny says:

    You da men (and ladies, too)! A trip of a lifetime and a lifetime of weather events!! I am just constantly amazed and impressed with this trip!

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