Rest day in Briancon

What was planned was our most epic ride but this changed drastically because of the weather.  Even a shorter route to the top of the climb to Sestriere, Italy needed a bailout.  With the weather on top of the mountains still cold and windy I got a call to come get some riders who didn’t want to face the return trip with 2 long and cold descents in it.  Other people enjoyed the city of Briancon, especially the old town at the top of a long hill.

Cheryl_397   Cheryl_400

Cheryl_404   Cheryl_407

Cheryl_417   Cheryl_423

Cheryl_429   Cheryl_438


Cheryl_447   Cheryl_465

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  1. Penny says:

    Well, I’m happy to know that there was some other “stuff” going on besides riding bikes all over the place – I believe that walking through some 0f the villages was also very enjoyable!! With several stops at cafes, etc!!!!!

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