Albertville to Geneva

All good things come must come to an end. This morning we got ready for our final ride of what has been an incredible trip. The mountains that we climbed, the scenery that we saw, this journey will stay with us for the rest of our lives. At times it was extremely hard and intimidating but we persevered and left with a lot of satisfaction. Thanks to all who went along and all who followed us on the web and gave us all the encouragement that we needed. And above all a special thanks to Cindy and Cheryl, our support crew; we could not have done this trip without you!!!!!!

Cheryl_563   Cheryl_581

Cheryl_579   Cheryl_586

Cheryl_591   Cheryl_592

Cheryl_595   Cheryl_594

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  1. Dave from VA says:

    Thanks to all of you for bringing the climbs of the French Alps to the computer screens in our homes. I know that it cannot compare to being there, but I enjoyed following along. Congratulations on a successful trip.

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