We have arrived

After a long flight with a stopover in Iceland we arrived in Amsterdam. Due to the late arrival, we only had enough time to put our bicycles together. Day one took us from Amsterdam to Lekkerkerk in Zuid Holland. The morning started out by visiting a windmill in Aalsmeer. The 50 plus mile ride took us through the low area of The Netherlands, that is all below sea level. Lots of windmills and beautiful farm houses, surrounded by little canals, filled the landscape. Today we left Ridderkerk by ferry and saw all the windmills by Kinderdijk,. The weather was ugly and we endured lots of rain and very strong winds on a ride to Bergen op Zoom in the province Noord Brabant. Both days we have been pleasantly surprised by the numerous bicycle routes, that are laid out all over the country. We even went through a tunnel, that had a separate side just for bicycles.

The Netherlands bicycle tour 019   The Netherlands bicycle tour 036   The Netherlands bicycle tour 039   The Netherlands bicycle tour 045

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  1. Fred Hoyle says:

    Have a great trip! I hope the weather improves for you.

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