Luchon loop

The prettiest climb of the trip so far was the Port de Bales clmb from the Luchon side. Quaint little villages dot the hill side. The weather was beautiful and on the top we encountered a traffic jam of hundreds of sheep. They must let all animals roam free, because there are also cows and goats along the roads.We also climbed  col des Ares and a very tough col de Mente.

Pyrenees 1 133   Pyrenees 1 142

Pyrenees 1 146   Pyrenees 1 151

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3 Responses to Luchon loop

  1. ronny says:

    Great pictures!!Great job!!
    Sometimes I miss people in these pictures, but I bet its hard to get out of the bar at a short notice!!

  2. Andrea says:

    What beautiful pictures we get to enjoy. It looks like everyone is doing well. Can’t believe you are riding where the tour was. This beats riding on the trainer indoors right Fred!!!

  3. Dave from VA says:

    Wow, I didn’t even know that you guys had gone and you have a bunch of rides already done. What great pictures and legendary climbs. Hautacam! Right after the tour visits it. Amazing. Have fun. Dave Albecker.

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