Luchon to Tarascon

Our longest day of the tour started early out of Luchon and our hardest climb of the day came after 10 miles. A very tough Col de Mente was awaiting us for a 9 mile trek up a mainly 10% grade. Next up was the col des Aspet where we passed the monument for the young Italian Olympic champion Fabian Cassertelli, who died there during the 1995 Tour de France. After 90 miles and a few more climbs, we finished in Tarascon with a total of 10,000ft.

Pyrenees 2014 013   Pyrenees 2014 018

Pyrenees 2014 034   Pyrenees 2014 038

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2 Responses to Luchon to Tarascon

  1. Susan Rosand says:

    Pictures are great The long day to Col de Mente at 10% looks like a killer!!! The rest day at Tarasscon was beautiful. Hope you all are eating and drinking a lot after those climbs. All is well in Bloomsburg, riding,staining and doing fine. Everyone stay safe and enjoy ice cream and deserts. Hello to Cheryl and Cindy.

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