Tarascon rest day

Today all but one enjoyed a well deserved rest day. Most of us spent some time at the market and a stroll through town, which is full of old historic buildings. There is also a monument for fallen French soldiers during many of the 20th century battles that France was involved in. Our lone biker for the day was Thorr who set out to climb Plateau de Beille.

Pyrenees 2014 060   Pyrenees 2014 061

Pyrenees 2014 062   Pyrenees 2014 065

Pyrenees 2014 073   Pyrenees 2014 079

Pyrenees 2014 092   Pyrenees 2014 093

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2 Responses to Tarascon rest day

  1. Penny says:

    Oh my! Paella? Looks good enough to eat!

  2. Dave from VA says:

    Wow, that shrimp dish looks fantastic. My wife and I did a full century today so as not to be shown up too much by you all. Have a good day! Dave Albecker.

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