Zaandam to Lelystad

Due to an adjustment mistake today’s ride went from 50 to 70 miles, which broke some people’s record for the day. Initially we were to stay in Enkhuizen, but they didn’t have a hotel big enough for all 18 of us. So I went across the dike to Lelystad but forgot to add the extra 20 miles. It all worked out since Cheryl came back for the people that had enough at 50. We managed to get 4 people and bikes loaded with some extra luggage.It made for a tight fit, but smiley faces . Along the way we had stopped for lunch in Volendam, where we could enjoy some poffertjes. It was a special day since my best friend from growing up joined us on the ride and stayed with us for over half of the trip. Two more good friends from Philippine and their spouses joined us in Lelystad for dinner along with another of Cheryl’s host families. It was a full night of updating and reminiscing.

IMG_1221  IMG_8908.JPG

IMG_8909.JPG IMG_8916.JPG IMG_8923.JPG IMG_8940.JPG IMG_8945.JPG IMG_8957.JPG

IMG_8953.JPG IMG_8956.JPG IMG_8948.JPG


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