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Today was a “rest Day” for most, but Thorr, Helmut, and Scott decided that a day without cycling would not do.  They had mountains in every direction we looked to ride up. The other riders spent the day roaming the city which is a Shopping Mecca for many French and Spanish people, since this Principality has no taxes.  The diesel fuel for the car was 15 euro cents per liter than in Spain, so it was fill up time!  We had a DELICIOUS dinner at Don Denis with champagne on the house!


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Berga to Andorra

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Leaving Berga today and heading to Andorra.  Getting out of town this a.m. was our first challenge! But after acouple of tries, we were on our way.  We encountered some beautiful climbs (well, at least in the minds of some!).  Our first mechanical malfunction happened at the start of the first climb when Sara’s shifter cable broke.  That took about 45 minutes to fix and then the 12 mile climb began.  Hairpin turns are something we can now see in our sleep!

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Manresa to Berga

Today we traveled in the foothills of the Pyrenees. The hills got a bit longer and steeper during our 75 mile ride with over 8000 ft. of climbing. As we entered the city we got greeted by a big storm that drenched the area. It was a challenge to walk down the steep cobbled streets on our cleats as it was to slippery to ride.

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Barcelona to Manresa area

Great day of cycling today!  It was bright and sunny, getting very hot in the afternoon,and we culminated the day with 92 miles ridden and 7300 feet of climbing.En route we had a brief stop at the Abbey of  Montserrat. Everyone was happy to arrive at Mas de la Sala, where we enjoyed a variety of Catalonian food and drinks in beautiful Spanish surroundings.

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We have arrived for our Spain trip

After a delay at Newark airport, we finally took off but arrived one hour later than expected at Barcelona. And things got worse. After we got off the plane we spent close to three hours in line to get our passports checked. But with the help of the hotel shuttle service we finally made it to our destination. we assembled all the bicycles and went for a warmup ride to the Olympic stadium at Montjuich mountain. The views from the top were spectacular.


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Cadillac to Bordeaux; last day of cycling

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Saint- Emilion to Cadillac

A little shopping is always a must, but that was left behind as we headed to our winery visit in Cadillac. En route we had a photo opportunity at the ruins of Montarouch. The quaint little town of Targon was our lunch stop and we all enjoyed our break for a variety of pizza. Then wine tasting at Chateau Fayau finished everyone’s day with that warm happy feeling! Kind of a good thing that our hotel was only about a mile from the winery!

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Blaye to Saint Emilion

What would a trip to France be without a visit to the patisserie? Today we made a stop and what a selection! Everyone looked forward to Saint-Emilion, which proved to be the most beautiful town on our trip. The views of the country side is full of vineyards, the wine is a treat for the taste buds and the food is excellent

!IMG_3085   IMG_3086

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Queyrac to Blaye

The first noticeable change for the day is that we are riding thru the vineyards. Everyone was excited about our first winery visit to le chateau Lilian Ladouys Filled with knowledge about growing grapes and making wine we headed for our gourmet picnic at a grocery store parking lot.This gave a new meaning to a takeout meal. Then we went on to the ferry which took us across the Gironde to Blaye. On both sides of the river we learned about the protection of Bordeaux in the 17th. century against foreign invaders. A walk around the walled fortress gave us an idea of the engineering skills during that time.

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