Geneva to Albertville


Today we headed towards the Alps.Leaving Geneva we headed South…destination Albertville,which hosted the Winter Olympics in 1996. Our ride took us by beautiful Lake Annecy which was packed with everyone soaking up the French sun. There were lots of motorboats, para sailers, and sunbathers. Getting closer to Albertville, the mountains began to appear. What a GORGEOUS site. Gluttons for punishment, Glen, Steve, and Thor challenged themselves by climbing Col de Les Saisies. It was a little more than they bargained for.

Cheryl_040   Beyer_CIMG1050

Beyer_CIMG1045   Beyer_CIMG1046

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4 Responses to Geneva to Albertville

  1. Tom Zurewich says:

    Great Climb! The Tour Riders make it look easy on TV. That must have been awesome!

  2. Nancy Oyer says:

    Hi everyone – were enjoying your trip information- keep on biking- from your family from the Pocono’s.

  3. Jamie says:

    I Guess those “Hills” are a little bigger than the Catawissa alps!!!!!

    • ronny says:

      good luck on this difficult(?) day.
      Tomorrow you will start with a downhill!!
      Everything OK in the shop and the dog behaves well.

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