Gap to Carpentras

Thursday we left Gap for another ride to cover more than 100 miles. After a few miles along a highway we went westward on route 942, which brought us another day of beautiful landscape. The ride would eventually take us to the famed Mont Ventoux, by many considered as one of the toughest mountain tops to ride to. The first sighting of the mountain gave us some shivers as it sticks out way above any other mountain in that area. Luckily with the approach that we had and the direction coming in, the climb was easier than expected. We will be back at it onSaturday from a different direction that will make it much harder.

Cheryl_209   Cheryl_229

BobM_IMG_1536   Beyer_CIMG1133

Beyer_CIMG1137   Beyer_CIMG1153

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4 Responses to Gap to Carpentras

  1. Laura says:

    Go Speedy Cat (a.k.a. Susan)!!

  2. Penny says:

    Did Frans really forget his helmet??

  3. Penny says:

    Unbelievable – so picturesque!!!!! Legs of steel – brains of mush!!!!

  4. Dave from VA says:

    I don’t know how you all are doing this day after day. Whenever I have done a mountain century with a lot of climbing I was pretty much laid up for the next day or two. Keep up the good work and have fun. The pics are great.

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