Carpentras to Gap; the Ventoux is for real !!!!

Starting in Carpentras, gave us a real understanding of the toughness of the Mont Ventoux. From this direction it’s 25 miles uphill, the first 10 gradual and after that it’s relentless. All said and done, by the top we had a whopping 6000 ft. of climbing. For the people at home that know Jonestown mountain, the Ventoux is like stringing together 10 of those in a row!!!!!! Conquering the beast of the Provence gave us a special feeling. After a long decent we we headed back towards Gap, where we had to deal with our first showers and a bunch of traffic entering the city. Mission accomplished!!!!!!!

Cheryl_299  Cheryl_302

Cheryl_312   Cheryl_316

Cheryl_328  Cheryl_329

Cheryl_333   Cheryl_335

Beyer_CIMG1175   The Ventoux will work your brain.


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2 Responses to Carpentras to Gap; the Ventoux is for real !!!!

  1. Laura says:

    I don’t think I could make a third of Jonestown anymore, let alone 10 of them! Way to go Wheelmen!

  2. Peter says:

    I can imagine that after those mountain rides the 5 course meals in the evening with a french wine and finishing off the diner with a good French coffee with cognac will taste real well.
    Good luck for the rest of the trip.

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