Luchon to Ainsa

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Today we head back to Spain by first climbing the beautiful Col de Peyresourde with it lush growth of green as we start the climb and the sparkling snow capped peaks as we reach the top.  It was mini quiche for lunch today followed by delicious pastries for afternoon snack.  Every stop for a break in the climbing was well appreciated today as we topped the Col d’ Azet andCol de Bielsa.  At the top of the Col de Bielsa there was a two mile long  tunnel that we needed to go through. BUT, when we arrived,we were greeted with signs stating that no bicycles or pedestrians were allowed to go through.Border crossings are very limited and we would have to make a 100 mile detour,so we tried to go through the tunnel despite the warning.  That didn’t work!  Sirens and alarms went off loudly and we resorted to making three trips with the van to get us through.  The Pena Montanesa hotel was a welcome sight and the cooling pool and the buffet dinner made us all happy cyclists.

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