Ainsa to Pont de Suert

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After another hearty breakfast of meats,cheeses,tortilla espanola, fruit, and a variety of breads we got on route N260 and we were on the same road all day.  This road took us through some beautiful gorges and overlooks.  We stopped at a little picnic area for lunch and tried to find as much shade as we could, because road temperatures have reached as high as 106 degrees some days!  We took a quick break to capture some pictures of a flock of vultures.  Huge birds who some thought were following us to see if one of the cyclists fell off so they could pick them up as prey!  Maite, a bubbly,sweet senora greeted us at Hotel Cotori in Pont de Suert.  After a little shopping and some relaxing in the courtyard, we had a wonderful dinner and again found our beds to be a welcome sight.


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