Pont de Suert to Sant Llorenc de Morunys; our Queen stage; 100 miles; 10,000 ft

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This was the longest day of our journey. We traveled 100 miles and climbed 10,000 feet.  We thought we could adopt the theme song “Ain’t no mountain High Enough”!  It was hot and the climbs were long.  Our water supply was exhausted, but just in time we found a spring of refreshing mountain water.  There was a CELEBRATION at the top of Col de Jou, after climbing 6 mountains that day.  The town of Sant Llorenc and the El Monegal were welcome sights.  The hotel was a farm converted into a lodging and although English was not spoken by the owners they understood that we were tired, thirsty, and hungry and they supplied our needs.  Great day, but everyone was happy that the BIG climbs were over.

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